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Queer Fashion

My passions seem to be fashion and queers, and therefore... queer fashion. Seems to me, there isn't enough fashion out there catering to queers, especially to those born female.  Either way, a body is a canvas for expression, people.  What I deem queer doesn't necessarily refer to sexual preference.  The "queer umbrella" as I see it, is vast and expansive enough for anyone who needs/wants to be included under it's rainbow-colored protection.

Please feel free to send me suggestions, links, comments, whatever!

Seattle High Fashion
Gender-Neutral clothes for kids
High-end butch fashion
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Rigged Out/Fitters
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The Jean Jacket...?

Lady Gaga in Drag?
Azis: (Bulgarian Hunk of a Femme)

Jannelle Monet

Oh, Marilyn....

My childhood-crushy-crush:

Robyn: my now crushy-crush...: