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Friday, December 3, 2010

[Some] Hunky Hipster Gays

Sometimes I call Ponikins my "Baby Bear," which is fitting for him, and gurgly-cute-exciting for me, especially when I am screeching at him in my most high-pitched and angry beeb (bird) voice and preparing to pounce...Or when I am tenderly running my fingers through his perfectly-oiled raven locks while we discuss our plans for home improvement...Or when he is fussing over something and his cheeks do that thing where they look both tense and squishy at the same time.

The term might be more aptly applied, however, (with no offense, or any invalidation to anyone's identity intended) to a recently recognizable breed of queer I like to call the "hipster gay." These man-hunks of musky masculinity mixed with the carefully carefree styling of a culturally informed and relevant young person...ooze a new kind of gay. A refreshing kind of gay that does not offend my comfortably half-hearted everyday style. My whole life I've felt that I could never be a fag hag. Sometimes I smell like a human. Sometimes I like to mis-match my clothes on purpose. Sometimes I look like a mixture between a Muppet Baby and a tacky granny. All the fags I've known with hags, until recently, have been exquisitely polished, spray tanned, rich, and bitchy. Their hags are the same way. Usually Blond, some sort of executive or married to one, equally bitchy. Kens and their Barbies, but with the Kens showing their true rainbow colors (I mean, right?!) But these Hipster gays are a perfect combo of gently cruddy old-school style and emotionally available.

I may have found a breed of fag I could be a new breed of hag to.

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