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Sunday, November 28, 2010

No, wait...THIS is who I want to be this winter/year/forever

And by that, I don't mean that I want to be a greaser, nor do I really want to look like one, per say, piece by piece, but this is the general feeling I want to exude, but mixed with princess. I do believe that the jean jacket, or "tough" denim could make a considerable comeback as an "attitude" piece, with less elitism than a leather jacket, and more a more urbane meetcha-out-back-for-a-smoke-or-a-rumble-or-a-shag look. However! I do believe that the jean jacket is a specific piece, that cannot (or rather SHOULD not) be dressed up any further than your local dive bar or used book shop. It is not sleek, and the fashion industry should no longer try to make it so, in my opinion (with the exception of the jean SHIRT which is not a jacket, people, and can indeed be more versatile, tucked in or out, fitted or boxier, suspenders, vest, a nice boutonniere of some sort, perhaps). this girl. She has tried to turn the jean jacket, a classically androgynous piece, into mall gear. She looks too stiff, and the acid wash only makes her makeup look cakier. I would also like to point out that the jean jacket is hardly flattering to any aspired feminine shape. It naturally adds a touch of butch to any outfit, and should be embraced as such.

The jean jacket should be accessorized with flushed red, just-finished-tagging-that-train-car-or-shooting-a-guerrilla-movie-about-subway-performers cheeks, and subtler makeup, preferably slightly smudged kohl eyeliner applied the night before, daring to let the world see any walk of (un)shame you might be on. I also believe that my makeup and hair can sometimes be like pizza: better cold, the morning after. The jean jacket should be styled spontaneously, with nothing but a sponge bath, a joint, and a tube of chapstick. The jean jacket should put some cock in your step, some musk in your scent, some romance behind your ears.

The jean jacket should be accompanied by a subtle showing of a soft beer belly, peeking out from under a (stained) tee of some muted aged color, and for the hipster, this tee should obviously advertise for one's favorite indie-thrash-art-punk band of the moment. Either way, a belly display is one of the sexiest accessories anybody can have, especially for female-bodies, and especially when there is a bit of belly hair included, or perhaps an old-English tattoo. The model above is at least appropriately utilizing her belly, which is probably much flatter than it looks in this photo. I love that!

My current dilemma is deciding whether fuzzy-lined or un-lined is better, for on one hand, lined is perhaps much more comfortable, especially in the winter months, and especially for the those fans of the simple tee-shirt. But on the other hand, unlined would function year round, and, depending on the level of loose to the fit, could be bundled up with another classic androgynous piece: the hoodie.

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