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Friday, January 28, 2011

Freedom restored

The Prius is back in my life!


I decided to take the eco-friendly road this morning to school by parking it at a park-and-ride in Universal City and taking the Red Line train from there. I squeezed that beast miraculously into the sliver of a singular space left on the lot of hundreds of spaces, and hunched to keep myself from toppling under the incredible weight of my bookbag as I took confident lunges into the depths of the public transportation underground I am now so happy acquainted with. Upon realizing I had left my wallet in the car, I turned into a monstrous storm cloud and pillaged the energy back to the Prius, huge bookbag in tow, my grumbling in no way aiding the aching in my back. I would use the rolly bag I have for school, but it's impossible to get over the shoulder to haul up and down stairs when all of LA is in my way and I have to forgo the elevator/escalator (I get those two mixed up).

This week has been a quick one. All of my time has been devoted to school, although I have been taking periodic breaks to bask in sunlight. Oh, glorious, glorious sunlight. Part of me feels very smug about all of this sun. Poor Seattle, all cold and dreary. For endless months it will continue to be dreary. And I get to wear this crochet halter top and none but a light sweater in the evening. I get to squint under the shade of my hand in the city streets. I get to give my armpits air AND sun as I lay spread out on the mouse house patio. What has two thumbs and lives in a sunny place? THIS GUY.

Plans to move out are solidly planned as plans for sure. But the when and where are unsure. For now, I will be concerning myself with textiles, flats, croquis, and pinning my bias cut dress together so properly it will make my teacher's head spin.

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