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Thursday, February 10, 2011

College is harder than I remember...

I have been doing so much homework I feel crazy. I've been getting almost no sleep, staying up late doing so much drawing I've had to get reading glasses to help my eyes. They keep doing this thing where they dart back and forth really fast--like a spasm--when I concentrate too hard for too long. My body is suffering a bit. I've got some dark circles, a weird pimple on my lower back (what?) and I've been eating too many snack bars as meals, so I've lost weight but I'm feeling bloated. I really shouldn't be blogging, but my presence on the internet must live on! I must remain on the map. I can't let my social life, even if it is only facebook and a blog entry every week, disappear completely. Superbowl Sunday was spent painstakingly hunched over a sewing machine, cursing searsucker and its tiny tiny stripes that simply must match on my bias-cut summer dress or I won't feel satisfied! I am going the over achiever route, as well, which doesn't make things easier, but I do get more out of my work. I am still completely in love with this, even if it kills me, I will still love it deeply.

Poni has left for the weekend to attend a college reunion, and I am left in a quiet house, with only my own mess, for three days. I think I'll throw a party! (Kidding, Poni...and like I'd have the time! Pshaw!)

Anyhow. How boring to only write about how busy I am! I am trying to find new ways to play with my gender on a daily basis. One day I am computer-nerd-meets-Ramona-Quimby and another day I'm fairy-princess-elf-meets-Sailor-Moon, or whatever it may be. I'm into the idea of mash-ups, taking two possibly opposing gender concepts and having them shake hands in clothing form on my body. I currently am into maintaining my hairy armpits, but properly grooming everything else. I just can't find shaved armpits attractive. They creep me out, and remind me too much of babies with diaper rash. Gross.

Looking forward to Valentine's Day, usually a fondly-remembered holiday for me, getting my own place in the next couple of months, having a break from school to let loose on my dress form, and writing a few songs while I'm at it.

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