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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stylishly rough around the edges

Teetering on the edge of a cold and watching When Harry Met Sally this evening. Have finished my asymmetrical organza wrap skirt with volume save for the no-sew buttons, which require hammering. Knowing me, I plan to save this hammering business for when I am in a more shop-appropriate place. No longer going to live in the tiny mouse house. The Celesbian will no longer be my landlord. Loverboi and I are struggling to find peace as a couple under the stress of his job, which is currently wrought with negativity and scapegoating (celebs...go figure!), particularly in relation to this guest house.

I am about to move into my new place, which is in Echo Park, a cheap and particularly charming area of central L.A. with a Cuban bakery just a few yards from my back door and a more diverse version of the Wayward Cafe down the street. It's pretty much close to everything, and my closet is so big I could live in it. It has it's own light switch AND window. I can't wait! New roomie Carey is a witty and charming SF-stereotype who reminds me of my old buddy Rosco, and his gf, proclaimed addict-in-the-program with Rihanna's good looks and a personality I took to immediately. Last night Poni, Carey and Ashley (the gf) and I had dinner on the carpet and argued animatedly about decorating and told the stories of our romances...

I rode to the Abbey in the cats-and-dogs downpour to meet Mike Walker who's in town for the weekend, but he ended up "walkered" somewhere, which I predicted would happen (we're having brunch tomorrow with his posse) and I ended up dancing the night away at venues riddled with femmes, fags, and amazing, amazing dancers. Never have I been so inspired by a city to dance like a maniac. Never have I seen so many femmes dance on a bar, or had a true femme queer friend. I now have two. No three.

Also, the other day I saw some girls in literally their underwear at the local coffee shop. Forget workout gear, these fashion forward ladies were one step away from the full Monty. I wanted to take their picture, but I got embarrassed. Ha!

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