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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gettin In The Groove

Last night's episode of Glee nearly made me shit stars.

I have a maddening...MADDENING crush on Chris Colfer's character Kirt. As I told Poni last night in between squeals and other teen-girl expressives, "I want to smell him! I bet he smells like milk!"

Also, I have so much respect for that show. So much optimism, amazing tunes (I am a Musical Theater grrrl, afterall...), so funny, and....THE GAYS DON'T DIE. I love that there are no dead gays so far.

Two things to be dually noted about a good film or television show:
There is no raping of the women.
The gays don't die.

AND I love Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" song so so much and it reminds me of Hannah-and-me-blasting-sweet-pop-tunes-in-her-car-while-we-talk-about-our-boyfriends-moving-to-L.A. I love that the boys and girls switched up the gender roles a bit (Though I thought the styling could have been a bit more gender adventurous...but I always think that. I thought that recently when Glee star Jane Lynch was featured on SNL and was cast only as slutty mom, or crazy old lady, or whoever she was...I was hoping to see her as a sleazy masculine janitor, perhaps, or some stuffy butch political figure...though I do think her feminine interpretations were nothing short of HILARIOUSLY funny as per usual...but I digress into a million "..."s.)

Maybe it's my recent do-them-or-be-them? dilemma meditating that has me thinking an awful lot about switching it up...

I tend to be attracted to gender-benders and always have been. Male/female or what have they/you, I have always assumed my feminine role to be fixed. But recently I've been feeling super confined and suffocated in my girly wear, so I took a cue from those I have so admired my entire life. I've been playing with chest binding and wearing my bf's preppy clothes, feeling decidedly like a teen boy and all about it. Though mind you, I usually end up in a mini skirt the next day, it's nice to have a go in another pair of "shoes," if you will. Or "pants," if you will. Or "underoos," if you will.

I had to chisel under my L.A. Barbie pink acrylic nails, though. They really didn't go with my butch-wear, nor are they easy to play instruments with.

On a scholarly note, I have been enjoying my homework immensely. I love drawing for hours on end. I don't care what my feminist brain says, I love drawing freakishly thin alien women! It is so satisfying. Like eating twinkies. I love my sewing class even though it's a bit boring. I have had excellent teachers in the sewing department throughout my life. But boredom aside, I love the machinery, the culture-shock the student population offers me (though I may complain sometimes for lack of insta-friends), and the totes-adorbs sewing teacher who really really cares about teaching sewing. I love my business of fashion class more than anything. Who knew I was a business woman? Something about this place has my entrepreneurial gears turning. I didn't even know I HAD entrepreneurial gears! I have been rolling my eyes at my Dad's E-gears so much throughout my life and hadn't realized my own interest in the subject!

We'll see what I do with that, though I will say I have things cooking. Or rather, things are being prepared in little piles to be tossed into a stew and cooked.

So far the biggest obstacles to my own enjoyment of this place are as follows: myself, pollution, and multiple-choice tests.

***keep checking side pages for updated fashion-y tidbits!***

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  1. I want to see pictures of your teen boy look! Furthermore, I think the world would love to see pictures of your outfits. Also, I like your writing.

    "I bet he smells like milk!" HAHA