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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Queer Fashion

Since I am a moony Cancer baby with an ascendant sign in Scorpio, and affinity for Scorpios (see Julia Roberts), and the current moon cycle is moving into Scorpio, I am taking Rob Brezney's astrological forcast for Scorpio seriously this week.

As I lay out a mental map of where I want my career to go, it tends to head straight...or rather, GAYly forward, over the rainbow. A few weeks ago, I attended an amazing fashion show to kick of a weekend-long event called Butch Voices LA. (For those who know him, see if you can spot my lover boy on their website!) I noted several things at this super refreshing event. Among them were:
1. There ARE gender-benders in Los Angeles! (I had only been here a couple weeks but had already become exasperated at their lack of visibility)
2. Whew! They are HOT.
3. Some amazing (and not so amazing) fashion exists for these lovelies.
4. I feel a strong sense of purpose having moved here and witnessed this event, and I finally know what I want to do with my life...

I want to make clothes for queers. I want to make fashion for those I am passionate about. I want to tap into the market I so love to tap. Ha! I want to see them happy, dapper, sly, sexy, understood, catered to, loved, and at any and all price ranges. As much as I love hanging out in the men's dressing rooms with my lover boy, I believe that the increasing prevalence of acceptance for my gender-f*cking community members requires a different shopping experience. My fantasy dressing room would be much more colorful and never gender-segregated...just like my other fantasies! My fantasy clothing line would be created to validate identities that have too long been closeted. PUN INTENDED.

A woman named Parisa Parnian, the esteemed fashion diva and designer of Rigged OUT/Fitters, was the keynote speaker, and totally inspired me. Apparently, she left her well-paying job as a designer for a major fashion label to start her own line of queer clothing. The line flopped, but her spirit did not, and she sent chills of excitement down my spine as I imagined attempting to take up those same reins...

For now, I will devote at least part of this blog (see my Fashion I Find Interesting page for listings) to gender-bending fashion and fashion influences. Please feel free to contact me or post comments with any ideas you might like to add!

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