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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lovely. Just Lovely.

I'm feel like it's growing on me. Los Angeles, that is. It might be the fact that the weather is a lot like typical Seattle weather today, only without the bite. Maybe it's all of the chocolate I've been eating. Maybe it's the full moon in Scorpio tomorrow, or the amazing bird store I went to today with all the amazing and friendly beebs. Maybe it's the pumpkin spice, the piece of quartz I keep in my bra, or the awesome grades I'm getting in school these days. Maybe it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at 9:30 A.M.. Maybe it's the plane ticket my Pa booked for me for the holidays, or the US weekly I've got waiting on the bed next to me. Maybe it's the little bit of water weight I've lost, or the adjustment my lungs are making to the air. Maybe it's the bath salts, or the kitties I live with, or the fresh sheets on the bed.

It's all of these lot's of really awesome PEOPLE. It's the people that challenge me here, but the few friends I've made, and the daily connections that really make it happen for me here. It's the new buddy I'm meeting to window shop with tomorrow, and the buddies I'll meet up with tonight for dancing. It's the Poni on the bed with me. It's Young Wil Adams, bless his sexy heart, and Rachelle the Amazon. It's Lauren the sexy Virgo nerd boi, and Morgan my newest heart-t0-heart friend. It's Jane and Lara, and Hayden with and all her hilarity. It's the random celeb run-ins that add a splash of candy to my social diet. It's the letters I recieve from my buddies from home. It's my absolutely amazing and inspiring teachers. In fact, the people I meet here are overall very wonderful, when one is in the right mood to see them that way. I am in an amazing mood, feeling totally blessed, lucky, alive, smart, chic, friendly, and healthy. I am feeling happy here.

And I wonder what to blog about, really, when I'm in one of these candy cane moods. This is a blog to appease those who expect reports, but to be honest I much prefer blogging about something more...poetic, or political, or at least highly charged with my opinions. I wonder if my readers might be yawning and feeling a bit sickly reading something so bland as to how adjusted, or happy, or lucky I might be right now. If I were in a darker mood and talking to another version of myself in the mood I'm in now, I would probably feel like taking a nap.

Actually...I do feel like taking a nap. x.

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